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Use brainpop to watch the video on the causes of the Revolutionary War and the of the Revolutionary War.

Please use this note taking sheet to take notes on videos and hand it on Monday April 9th.

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Explorer Trading Cards Project:We will be doing research on Explorers.
Use the documents below to plan and organize your Explorer Trading Card. You will find directions, a trading card template, a scoring sheet and a final writing activity. You can copy and paste these documents to your folder in the H drive. Remember to name any of your documents with your username to personalize your file.
Students will be researching individual explorers and "digging deeper". They will each create a "trading card" with information about their explorer. They will post their information on the wiki and share and learn from each other's cards.
Preview Chapter 5 on Learn TCI or social studies book. Read about the various explorers who journeyed to the New World. You will be responsible for:
  • You will create a new page with your username
  • Save it to your digital backpack under social studies
  • Choose 1 explorer to research
  • You will need to find a picture of your explorer, as well as a map of the route(s) taken.
  • Be sure to document the sources you the trading card template to record your information
  • We will go over "Digging Deeper" in class
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Loyalists vs. Patriots

The objective is to examine and identify both point of views of the colonists during the Revolutionary War. 1. Respond to the following question in the classroom blog under the posting Loyalist vs. Patriots Point of View Pre-Reading Questions.
1. A Loyalist in Boston in the early 1770’s was a person who supported King George III and the British Parliament. What reasons would a Loyalist give for supporting the King and Parliament?
2. A Patriot in Boston in the early 1770’s was a person who wanted American independence from Britain. What reasons would a Patriot give for wanting independence?

2. Read about the different ideas of the Patriots and Loyalists.
Patriot and Loyalist Ideas
3. Watch the following videos on an episode of Liberty's Kids.
Liberty's Kids
United We Stand Part 1
====YouTube Video====

YouTube Video

Liberty's Kids
United We Stand Part 2
====YouTube Video====

====YouTube Video====

4. In the classroom blog, post under the topic Loyalist vs. Patriots Post Reading and Video Questions

1. Assume you are a Loyalist living in Boston in the early 1770’s. Give three convincing
arguments for being a Loyalist.
2. Assume you are a Patriot living in Boston in the early 1770’s. Give three convincing
arguments for being a Patriot.

5. In 1776 you are living in Boston. You are watching the events leading up to the revolution develop in front of you. You might have the same feelings as your friends and family, but you might have different views. Either way, you are either a patriot or a loyalist. You decide to write a letter to your King, King James, explaining how you are feeling. If you are a patriot write about your frustrations of parliament's treatment of you. If you are a loyalist, write a letter addressed to the king explaining why you remain loyal to the crown even after these events. You will be posting your letter as a comment in the classroom blog, under the post "Letter to the King".